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Lost 2 Sizes with these Pants

by Kristina Salter

I wore the Hot Pants and Tank every time I worked out 3-4x a week and went from a size 12 to an 8! Could not be happier. I was skeptical, of course, but was extremely happy with my purchase. I first ordered a size Large and had to return it for a Medium. The return process was easy! I had my 30 year Class Reunion in August and wanted to lose a few more pounds, well I did and then some! Thank you Zaggora :)

Smother legs & Inches Lost

by Anna

I know Zaggora since its inseption im 2011. I've been using the Hot Pants since I lost 5lbs in 10 days with the first pair I had. I gave them as a gifts to my sister and friends and they lost inches too! Service is always seamless and products are truly amazing. I always get best workout whether I walk, jog or cicle when I wear my hotties ))). Today I ordered two new ones in blue and pink

Bye Bye Size 14!

by Sally T

This product and company are amazing. I didn't believe the reviews but I tried them anyway. I'm now a size 12 after 2 weeks of wearing them on my walks. I absolutely love my hot pants and hot tank. I sweat and feel so great afterwards. They are a breeze to clean as well! I will be ordering time and again from Zaggora!

They really work!

by Wild Rice

Zaggora's products are great and do what the reviews say. It makes you exert extra energy which causes you to sweat and burn more calories like they say. I've measured this on my pedometer.

Hot Pants actually work

by Kelly Kofter

The pants are awesome, feel great and look great. I Love the high wasted option! Customer service is very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend these pants if you're looking to lose lbs.

Extremely impressed...

by Ros Houldsworth

I've been using various Zaggora products for over 5 years. I started off with the "Hot" clothing range and bought a number of different items which were all extremely comfortable and great for working up a sweat. When they brought out their range of healthy supplements, I tried those too and became an immediate fan of the Slendermelt workout supplement. I have also been using the protein and superfood shots on a regular basis as part of my breakfast since April and have lost 32lbs! Definitely worth trying the products and the Customer Service is friendly, with quick despatch and delivery.

These pants work!

by Dawn Donelson

I lost 7lbs in these pants over a few weeks. Amazing customer service and an amazing progress as well! I usually sweat when I work out but with these pants I am drenched! I have seen a difference in the size of my thighs after a month of wearing these pants to work out. I am going to add my weight routine back in to my workout to see if I lose an additional amount.